Round Midnight

Playing Approaches

A Section

Approach #1: Incorporate Voice Leading in Bars 1 thru 4

Improvise around the voice leading line found in the chord progression of bars 1-4 of the A section:
( in Eb )
Eb Db C B Bb A Ab Ab G

I’m liking the sound of a repeated phrase with one altered note that follows the voice leading line. “In Walked Bud” comes to mind as a good example of this approach.

A way to get started:

In bars 1-2, play a 2 beat phrase that includes the 1 (Eb). Repeat the phrase 3 more times and replace the 1 note with successive notes in the voice leading line up to the b6.

In bar 3, use the P5(Bb) as the substitute note and be quiet for a bit.

In bar 4, paraphrase the melody, which is itself the last four steps in the voice leading line and functions as two melodic cadences a half step apart ( leading to b5 and P4 respectively ).

19. March 2013 by sigmonky
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